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[ct] Siren by Iiely [ct] Siren by Iiely

Name: Sicut humana siren
Common Name: Siren
Gender: No Gender
Tier: III
Class: Humanoid
Weight: Average 130 -160 lbs
Height: Varies (Human sized)

Area Most Commonly Found: Large bodies of water, preferably salty water.

Brief Biology:

Sirens are creatures that frequent cold water. Their scales and feathers are reflective, allowing them to camouflage their movements in broad daylight. They have poor vision above water, but excellent vision below. Their hearing is above average, and they can move through dark areas by using a form of echolocation similar to that of dolphins. Because they are not the only thing in the sea, they are often hunted by other sea creatures and this causes them to seek strength in numbers.

They can produce an earsplitting screech that will deafen and stun prey beneath the water, thus allowing them kill their victim in order to feed without much effort. They are most vulnerable when sunbathing on land when they sit for hours in order to harden their scales before entering the water again. Once their flesh is hardened, it is difficult to piece their skin with low tier weapons.

They are least active at night, and though they move in pods, they are known to break off and wander away on their own. They are very intelligent and dangerous, beware their vocal abilities and range.

How to Kill:

Remove head, damage heart and internal organs. Since they flee to deeper waters when attacked, it is hard to kill them without first trapping them. They also produce high frequency sounds when startled which can permanently damage hearing or result in death. Do not attack a pod, they will quickly overwhelm you.

Requirements for a Clean Kill:

Trap and kill with Tier III+ weapons.

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This is for #cata-TONIC usage ONLY, please do not modify, repost, or claim as your own.

Art & Design ~Iiely
Writing ~fu-bby
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Dude. This is awesome.
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