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[cT] Hellhound M by Iiely [cT] Hellhound M by Iiely


Name: Bestia magna jumentum
Common Name: Hellhound
Gender: Male
Coloring: Black, Slate, Midnight Blue body | Red or Gold eyes
Tier: II
Class: Beast
Weight: 200 - 250lbs
Height: 30-40in/26-86cm at the shoulder.

Area Most Commonly Found: Outside the city*; heavily wooded areas.

*Will only move towards human settlements when there is no other choice. (e.g. in need of food, being chased from a pack, etc.)

A Brief Biology:

Hellhounds, as they are commonly known, are a beast class outlier with the intelligence of a small child. They have tremendous strength and speed. Their jaw strength rivals that of a hyena. Their anatomy includes talons and teeth that make tearing into flesh child’s play. Their bone density is 4.5 times the bone density of humans. The males typically have no horns, wherein the females sport large horns. Neither gender sports much fur on their body, if any at all, but both have a great deal of scale like flesh and protruding bone spikes.

Both genders have three eyes, though the additional eye is sightless. Males are usually the smaller and faster of the species and are often confused for mange ridden dogs. Their prey consists of animals such as deer, wild cats, and anything else they can catch. They have the intelligence to stay away from humans as it usually ends with them being hunted. They will rarely attack a human unless they attack first or the hounds form a pack led by an alpha female.

It is hypothesized that through training and exposure, a male hellhound could be tamed to some extent.

How to Kill:

Taking a hellhounds head off will kill it, however their bones are strong, and muscles thick. This means a great deal of strength and a sharp blade is required for this task.

A tier one gun will not pierce the creatures skull or do much damage at all, but if the head can be damaged enough, the creature will die.

They have small eyes, but shooting them through the eyes is always an option. Keep in mind getting too close will probably be the end of you, as they will often survive some brain damage before dying. Shooting the in the third eye will cause a great deal of damage. However it does not provide the attacker with a clean kill.

Requirements for a Clean Kill:

Tier III+

- - - - -

This is only for #cata-TONIC usage ONLY, please do not modify, repost, or claim as your own.

Art & Design © ~Iiely
Writing © ~fu-bby
Muirlyn Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist

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