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October 27, 2011
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II: Athos by Iiely II: Athos by Iiely
My character for :iconinfinitum-i:, one of the two main characters/semi-NPCs.

Name: Athos de'Cremona

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Species: N/A

Height: 6'2"

Magic: Soul Magic

Current Location: Xanthe

Country: Abelardus

Region: Holy State of Re Mul

Alliance: Abelardus

Job Type: Warrior

Profession: Guard Captain


  • Optimistic

  • Careless

  • Diplomatic

  • Haughty

Athos is an optimistic individual, though not to great lengths. He can be brought down by reality, as the war has done with him, but often does the best he can to remain firm in the face of adversity. He is diplomatic enough to retain the basics of etiquette around others, but tends to be careless with his words and can be unintentionally offensive and brusque for the most part. However, his intentions are usually for the better.

His background can make him appear haughty at times, but he is aware of it. Most of the time, he will catch himself and try to rectify it, though this is not always the case.

Athos will never run from a fight unless he is sure everyone else in the general vicinity will be safe. He can be intimidated, but his hatred of seeing others get hurt or die overpowers the urge to flee.

History: Athos was born into a old, noble House when King Ionis was just raised to the throne. The Cremonas were close to the king in both politics and blood and were treated very well as a result. Athos had all he could ever want in material items, but lacked when it came to actual human interaction. As a middle child who was well under and over his siblings in age, he was often left to himself or had servants accompanying him and few other children. His classes were all taught to him privately until he was old enough to begin training in arms.

In a time of peace and prosperity, there was little use for military strength so Athos instead aspired to become a protector of the people--in other words, a city guard. His parents frowned upon his decision, but weren't around enough to truly contest it. Shortly after his older brother rode off to serve in another region, Athos began clawing his way up the ranks. At 22, when the war first broke out, he had just crossed the line to be promoted to Guard Captain. Others may have been more ambitious and reached out to try and snag the Royal Guard Captain title as well, but Athos was content enough protecting his city and settled down into a comfortable routine.

It had been three years into the war and there was yet to be an end in sight when Athos was pulled from his city with more than half of his guardsmen and thrust into the heart of the raging war--Xanthe. He had only a regular patrol route within the Capitol and small skirmishes with thieves and separatists, so the full-on bloody encounters of the war were different and disturbing for him. However, true to his country, he dutifully cut down enemy armies, somehow dodging Death every step of the way. He watched his men scatter and die around him, but didn't give up hope that he would someday be back in Purion once again protecting the citizenry. It was not long after this thought that he and a Xanthe soldier were swept off to sea by a rather testy storm.

As he and his impromptu companion attempt to survive with no way to get back to the mainland, never mind Abelardus, Athos finds himself at odds with himself, the war, and magic.

Additional Information:

  • Plays with his hair.

  • One glove is always shorter than the other.

  • Prefers light armor/agility over brute strength.

  • Is unaware that he is a Mage as his use of magic is not visible.

  • He uses Soul Magic in a rather non-visible way. As Soul Magic can be manifested into solid objects, his halberd is near unbreakable due to the thin shield he always puts around the weapon. It enhances its reach and defense, but does little else.

  • Believes in "working for someone of questionable character."

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