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May 21, 2012
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ACD: Gabriel de Montbarde by Iiely ACD: Gabriel de Montbarde by Iiely
It's 4AM, apologies for any errors;;;;;;

N A M E: Gabriel de Montbarde
◇A G E◇ 24
◇G E N D E R◇ Male
◇H E I G H T◇ 6'3”
◇B I R T H P L A C E◇ France
◇R A N K◇ Templare

◇S T A T I S T I C S◇
    HP 24 (+12) = 36
    STR 35 (+55) = 90
    DEF 27 (+47) =74
    DEX 0 (+0) = 0
    AGI 14 (+18) = 32

◇L I K E S◇
    Peace and quiet, his brother, sweets, dogs, being read to.

◇D I S L I K E S◇
    Unruly people, cats, “threatening” figures (what he considers threatening is not what one would usually picture), solitude, hawkers/merchants, people in general.

◇P E R S O N A L I T Y◇

Gabriel is a simple man outwardly with only one, single-minded purpose: to protect his brother. He is, of course, noble-born despite the state of their family and plays the part of a man spoiled by wealth and fortune flawlessly. Simply put, he deems himself above anyone and everyone he meets unless they prove otherwise, be it in intellect or raw, physical strength. Of course, he more appreciates the latter, but he cannot deny the former is something to be respectful of as well. Since being impressed is rare, however, he'd much rather just get rid of his problems before they occur. If he suspects someone of being a future nuisance, he holds little issue with taking some time out of his day to send them to their early grave. He does not play well with others despite his amiable countenance upon first meeting and often sneers at humanity's pathetic state when not otherwise engaged. He thinks most people are a waste of flesh and blood and would be more than happy to part their souls from their cumbersome physical bodies. More often than not, however, Gabriel will simply lose interest in the middle of a conversation and wander away. If further pursued, bodily harm may be in the future of anyone nearby. Self-control is one thing Gabriel will never be renowned for.

◇B I O G R A P H Y◇

Not always the healthy man he'd grown into, Gabriel was a frail boy during his childhood and caught ill often enough that their doctors worried over him. Worse than his frequent, minor sicknesses were the taunts of other children and the scorn of his own parents. There were little expectations of him growing up, but that alone didn't save him from the kiss of the switch. He'd always thoughts his older brother had been aptly named, Lucien being his only saving grace in a house otherwise filled with abuse. The days of him hiding in the shadow of his brother came to pass when Lucien fell ill—and the nightmarish, downward spiral lasted for two, long years as the illness crippled his brother and firmly disposed firstborn duties unto Gabriel's small shoulders.

Their parents were not warm to the idea of having an invalid as a son and wasted little time showing their disgust by sending away Gabriel's only friend and confidant. The limelight was then focused on Gabriel who, surprising no one, struggled to fill the role his brother had left him. While Lucien had been a natural born scholar, Gabriel grew out of his frailness and preferred the hardships of manual labor in favor of leaning over a desk counting numbers. He struggled with his duties as a Nobleman and heir to a banking fortune, but excelled as a warrior in all aspects.

His hatred for his parents never faded, though it became the one thing he learned to hide from prying eyes. Thus, coincidentally on the day he came of age, he was secretly, and immensely consumed with joy when word came that his parents had perished, leaving him the spoils of the family fortune which included land, gold, and, most importantly, contacts. With no overbearing parents or anyone to tell him what to do, his immediate decision was to begin to search high and low for his forgotten brother: his only friend and the only family he had left to claim. Gabriel cares little about Templar ideals and the squabbles of petty factions, but shells out money and resources in exchange for what the Templars do have, which are connections and many, many ways to find a missing person. Tracking his brother proved to be more difficult than expected, but, after years of searching, he managed to pinpoint him in Roma, Italy.

◇A D D I T I O N A L § I N F O R M A T I O N◇
    -He is very capable of killing with just his hands.
    -He never fully draws his sword unless he expects a good fight.
    -Despite his runt status as a child, Gabriel shows none of it now and bears no side-effects from his frequent illnesses.
    -He's not very good at reading, nor is he too bright in the book-ish sense. Do not think him dumb, however, for he is very capable of sniffing out a liar—and he does not like liars.
    -Thinks Assassins are sleazy cowards and most Templars are idiots.
    -He hates people and is not adverse to killing just because of minor irritation.
    -He also hates cats, though they seem to like him just fine.
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